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A mutually supportive community where deeply emotional things you can't tell people you know can be told. Whether it's long-standing baggage, happy thoughts, or recent trauma, posting it here may provide some relief. We'll listen, and if you want, we'll talk. We aim to keep this a safe space.

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r/confessions »
580525 subscribers
Get that nasty secret off your chest. See the unfiltered opinions of strangers.
r/SubredditDrama »
550770 subscribers
The place where people can come and talk about reddit fights and other dramatic happenings from other subreddits.
r/subredditcancer »
45079 subscribers
r/subredditcancer : Behavior counter to reddit's originally expressed ideals. Selective censorship has already killed reddit.
r/rant »
127633 subscribers
The redesign is bad, dont use it
r/CasualConversation »
879906 subscribers
The friendlier part of reddit. Have a fun conversation about anything that is on your mind. Ask a question or start a conversation about (almost) anything you desire. Maybe you'll make some friends in the process.
r/TwoXChromosomes »
12526411 subscribers
Welcome to TwoXChromosomes, a subreddit for both serious and silly content, and intended for women's perspectives. We are a welcoming subreddit and support the rights of all genders. Posts are moderated for respect, equanimity, grace, and relevance.
r/relationships »
2688929 subscribers
/r/Relationships is a community built around helping people and the goal of providing a platform for interpersonal relationship advice between redditors. We seek posts from users who have specific and personal relationship quandaries that other redditors can help them try to solve.
r/depression »
561393 subscribers
Peer support for anyone struggling with depression, the mental illness.
r/Anxiety »
303369 subscribers
Discussion and support for sufferers and loved ones of any anxiety disorder.
r/BannedFrom_Offmychest »
557 subscribers
Looking to complain about your ban? Vent here! Get it... off your chest!
r/mildlyinfuriating »
1986270 subscribers
A place to post the most midly infuriating things!   . order corn
r/confession »
1667034 subscribers
/r/Confession is a place to admit your wrongdoings, acknowledge your guilt, and alleviate your conscience.
r/banned »
19323 subscribers
Censorship is a disease and we are the cure.
r/fatlogic »
286130 subscribers
Find out what keeps you fat and then do something about it. Sick of being fat? Shed your fatlogic here.
r/sex »
1384239 subscribers
r/sex is for civil discussions about all facets of sexuality and sexual relationships. It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations. This is (mostly) a 'serious' community - posts and comments that sidetrack discussion will be removed and may result in a...
r/MensRights »
241330 subscribers
At the most basic level, men's rights are the legal rights that are granted to men. However, any issue that pertains to men's relationship to society is also a topic suitable for this subreddit. Men's rights are influenced by the way men are perceived by others.
r/TrueOffMyChest »
418567 subscribers
r/childfree »
690594 subscribers
Discussion and links of interest to childfree individuals. "Childfree" refers to those who do not have and do not ever want children (whether biological, adopted, or otherwise).
r/self »
739970 subscribers
a place to put self-posts for discussion, questions or anything else you like.
135783 subscribers
This subreddit is for men going their own way, forging their own identities and paths to self-defined success.
r/WatchRedditDie »
87436 subscribers
Watch Reddit Die is a place to track reddit's abandonment of free speech and decline into censorship. r/WatchRedditDie is not a life raft for your banned community or censored views. It is a fire alarm for the rest of Reddit.
r/JustUnsubbed »
68169 subscribers
This sub is for sharing which post made you unsubscribe from a subreddit.
r/SRSsucks »
15330 subscribers
Remember, do not misgender a SRSter, ever. Please refer to them as "It" or "THNG" when "BRD" wont suffice.
r/raisedbynarcissists »
489384 subscribers
This is a support group for people raised by (or being raised by) a narcissistic parent. Please share your stories, your questions, your histories, your fears and your triumphs. Significant others and friends are all welcome.
r/KotakuInAction »
116418 subscribers
KotakuInAction is the main hub for GamerGate on Reddit and welcomes discussion of community, industry and media issues in gaming and broader nerd culture including science fiction and comics.
r/SubredditSimMeta »
99011 subscribers
r/findareddit »
384695 subscribers
Having trouble finding the subreddit or community you need? Post what you're looking for here and someone can suggest a community for you!
r/vzla »
48208 subscribers
Everything Venezuela related.
r/MMFB »
26175 subscribers
Has something terrible happened in your life? Are things just not going your way? Have you lost a loved one? Many people have some great stories to tell about some not-so-great occurrences in their lives. This is the place to talk about it. Don't go through it alone! Talk amongst fellow Redditors wh...
r/SuicideWatch »
165921 subscribers
r/Drama »
104511 subscribers
r/Oppression »
3402 subscribers
Cancerjerk for shitty moderators
r/KarmaCourt »
180833 subscribers
/r/Karmacourt is the internet Kourt of Justice. We deal in gripes, justice, injustice, cash, credit cards not accepted. You come, you post, you legal. Now pass the bar exam and the rest will soon be history.
r/Blackout2015 »
21298 subscribers
A place to discuss current meta-events.
r/unpopularopinion »
830192 subscribers
Got a burning unpopular opinion you want to share? Spark some discussions!
r/asktransgender »
117501 subscribers
Transgender questions, transgender answers.
r/rapecounseling »
13410 subscribers
r/UnsentLetters »
249858 subscribers
A place to write a letter you don't intend to send.
r/againstmensrights »
13862 subscribers
You might have heard that /r/MensRights is a moderate MRA hub. They’re just advocating for the rights of men, right? What’s so bad about that? But all is not as it seems. Underneath the face lie toxic misogyny, GSMphobia, racism, and worse. The subreddit, and the movement itself, runs on hatred...
r/SRSMythos »
2350 subscribers
r/circlebroke »
37336 subscribers
Doot doot.
r/NoStupidQuestions »
1314857 subscribers
Ask away!
r/conspiracy »
1019393 subscribers
**The conspiracy subreddit is a thinking ground. Above all else, we respect everyone's opinions and ALL religious beliefs and creeds. We hope to challenge issues which have captured the public’s imagination, from JFK and UFOs to 9/11. This is a forum for free thinking, not hate speech. Respect oth...
r/ADHD »
533747 subscribers
A place where people with ADHD and their loved ones can interact with each other exchanging stories, struggles, and strategies. Weekly threads to plan and notice the positive in our lives. Many of the 500k+ users express they 'feel at home' and 'finally found a place where people understand them'.
r/actuallesbians »
204432 subscribers
A place for discussions for and by cis and trans lesbians, bisexual girls, chicks who like chicks, bi-curious folks, dykes, butches, femmes, girls who kiss girls, birls, bois, aces, LGBT allies, and anyone else interested! Our subreddit is named r/actuallesbians because r/lesbians is not really for...
r/ShitRedditSays »
133716 subscribers
social justice league chats. The internet promotes unity, and this unity makes people comfortable with this type of joke. All you do is disrupt this unity and make people uncomfortable.
r/exmuslim »
58256 subscribers
A recovery and discussion subreddit for those who were once followers of Islam.
r/CenturyClub »
If you can see this you are among the badest motherfuckers on reddit[.](http://www.gfycat.com/ThreadbareRealGelding) **If and ONLY IF** you have 100k link **OR** comment karma (**NOT COMBINED**), click [here](/message/compose?to=/r/CenturyClub&subject=Access Request&message=I am a dirty kar...
r/ShitPoliticsSays »
49808 subscribers
The Worst Political Commentary on Reddit - Boldly Chronicling the Decline of Humanity Since 2013
r/OutOfTheLoop »
1551484 subscribers
A subreddit to help you keep up to date with what's going on with reddit and other stuff.
r/EternityClub »
This is a private community for people who have reached the top 25 on r/all. If your post has reached the top 25 on r/all our bot will send you an invite, no need to request access.
r/india »
263994 subscribers
The Official Subreddit for India
r/rape »
14157 subscribers
r/teenagers »
1554238 subscribers
r/teenagers is the biggest community forum run by teenagers for teenagers. Our subreddit is primarily for discussions and memes that an average teenager would enjoy to discuss about. We do not have any age-restriction in place but do keep in mind this is targeted for users between the ages of 13 to ...
r/undelete »
95164 subscribers
This subreddit keeps track of submissions that moderators remove from the top 100 in \/r/all.
r/bisexual »
213885 subscribers
This group is for discussion and support for those who fall in between, for the "shades of gray" in what is often assumed to be one or the other: * bisexuals * pansexuals * omnisexuals * queers * non-straight individuals ... or anyone who doesn't quite fit the otherwise binary "straight" and "...
r/relationship_advice »
2203339 subscribers
Need help with your relationship? Whether it's romance, friendship, family, co-workers, or basic human interaction: we're here to help!
r/DeadBedrooms »
194147 subscribers
A support group for Redditors who are coping with a relationship that is seriously lacking in sexual intimacy. Advice is always appreciated, just don't be surprised if we've heard it all. This subreddit is intended for all genders and sexual orientations, and supports all approaches. You will fin...
r/undefined »
Things are defined eventually, the only exception being undefined things.
r/ThePopcornStand »
7103 subscribers
r/thedonald »
35971 subscribers
Do Whatever you want I don't care
r/Negareddit »
17546 subscribers
Negareddit - Reddit is shit.
r/SocialJusticeInAction »
25523 subscribers
To discuss, engage with, and thwart the hateful rhetoric of "social justice warriors."
r/hapas »
18063 subscribers
Hapa community for multiracial Eurasians, Blasians, Quapas, Hāfus (ハーフ), Hùnxuè'ér (混血儿), Luk khrueng (ลูกครึ่ง) honhyeol (혼혈), Tisoy, Amerasians (Mỹ lai). We also provide an anti-racist safe space for Halfies to share the unique identity issues experienced when...
r/OtherOffMyChest »
477 subscribers
r/OffMyChest has a tendency to ban those who post in other subreddits such as r/tumblrinaction, which is really not a good reason. So, if you want an OffMyChest subreddit where you won't get banned for stuff you do elsewhere, here it is! Functionally the same in every way.
r/wholesomememes »
5641214 subscribers
Welcome to the wholesome side of the internet! This community is for those searching for a way to capture virtue on the internet.
r/SubsBanSubs »
98 subscribers
A collaborative list of subreddits that ban you if you post in a different sub.
r/SubSimulatorGPT2Meta »
10467 subscribers
Discussion about r/SubSimulatorGPT2
r/atheism »
2500801 subscribers
Welcome to r/atheism, the web's largest atheist forum. All topics related to atheism, agnosticism and secular living are welcome here.
r/Drugs »
606948 subscribers
Sourcing drugs is NOT allowed here! YOU WILL BE BANNED FOR ASKING OR PROVIDING DRUG OR PARAPHERNALIA SOURCES, whether illegal or legal. This includes: URLs, markets, PMs, etc. Make sure you follow the RULES. When in doubt, DONT.
r/lgbt »
398186 subscribers
A safe space for GSRM (Gender, Sexual, and Romantic Minority) folk to discuss their lives, issues, interests, and passions. LGBT is still a popular term used to discuss gender and sexual minorities, but all GSRM are welcome beyond lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people who consent to partici...
r/Vent »
29340 subscribers
Vent your frustrations! This sub is for redditors who need a way of getting out their feelings.
r/Advice »
336006 subscribers
This is a place where you can ask for advice on any subject. Everybody has issues that they run into, and everyone needs advice every now and again. This is Reddit's very own solution-hub.
r/polyamory »
125578 subscribers
Polyamory is openly, honestly, and consensually loving and being committed to more than one person. This subreddit discusses news, views, and issues around polyamory, polyfidelity, poly people, and related issues.
r/copypasta »
505665 subscribers
This subreddit was made to archive copypasta.
r/Assistance »
115951 subscribers
In this subreddit, we provide assistance of all kinds to all people. With few exceptions, we allow requests for most anything that is legal and ethical. Give, request, share, votes, advice, cards, or just a kind word to help you get through the day. Together as a community we can change the world, ...
r/ForeverAlone »
124996 subscribers
A subreddit for Forever Alone. lonely depressed sad anxiety
r/shittyama »
32988 subscribers
We know how it is, you want to share your experience as Sir Isaac Newton, but the dumb fucks at r/IAmA demand so-called proof. We aren't bothered by such details, so if you have an "interesting" story to share, welcome to ShittyAMA.
r/NoFap »
515975 subscribers
We host rebooting challenges in which participants ("Fapstronauts") abstain from pornography and masturbation for a period of time. Whether your goal is casual participation in a monthly challenge as a test of self-control, or whether excessive masturbation or pornography has become a problem in you...
r/gaybros »
210223 subscribers
Gaybros is a network built for gay men. We come together to make friends. Our subscribers have hosted social meet-ups all around the world.
r/circlebroke2 »
23078 subscribers
Complain about reddit
r/ForeverAloneWomen »
r/MtF »
66331 subscribers
A subreddit devoted to transgender issues pertaining to male-to-female or MAAB people. If you have an article you like, or a worry to talk about, or you just want to vent a bit about trans life, then we're here!
r/ProtectAndServe »
131677 subscribers
A place for discussion on law enforcement and criminal justice issues. Inflammatory comments and people are not welcome, everyone else is.
r/TransCritical »
If you want to become an approved submitter, message the moderators
r/ReportTheBadModerator »
2916 subscribers
A place to report bad moderators on Reddit, and hopefully find mediation.
r/whatsbotheringyou »
8532 subscribers
We're a subreddit that you can talk to about anything that makes you unhappy or bothers you. You talk. We'll listen.
r/etreat »
A safe space for all *non men* to vent, share experiences, seek advice/support, and (respectfully) express beliefs. LBTQIAP2S+, disability, and POC -friendly! In order to be approved, you must have at least six months of posting history that demonstrates an ability to conduct respectful discussio...
r/modsbeingdicks »
1676 subscribers
Tired of powertripping mods? Been banned for no real reason? Mod remove your post in the name of Political Correctness? Feel like you have nowhere left to voice your frustration? We hear you and we care. Share your story and vent away.
r/TrollXSupport »
2559 subscribers
Had a bad day, SO Broke up with you, suffering finals blues, family problems? Bring it here and let your fellow trolls help you. This is the alternative to TrollXChromosomes which is meant to be kept light, funny, and about period shits. (Though this subreddit has no official affiliation with...
r/TopMindsOfReddit »
239884 subscribers
A subreddit dedicated to showcasing the **Top Minds of Reddit**.
r/drumpfisfinished »
19931 subscribers
Le Drumpf is definitely finished this time!
r/OffMyChestUncut »
795 subscribers
r/OffMyChestSerious »
r/OffMyChestInAction »
19 subscribers
r/OffMyChestMen »
157 subscribers
Have something you need to vent about, or some confession to make? Here is a judgment free zone to do it. Women, SRS has a "safe space" for you to vent at /r/OffMyChest


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