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Reddit community and official fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter, *Warframe*. The game is currently in open beta on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. For the new Reddit design, go to https://rwarframe.github.io/#flair to set user flair and text.

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r/Warframe »
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Reddit community and official fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter, *Warframe*. The game is currently in open beta on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. For the new Reddit design, go to https://rwarframe.github.io/#flair to set user flair and text.
r/TwoBestFriendsPlay »
68523 subscribers
A place where fans of the content that Matt, Pat, and Woolie provide come to talk about their content and anything revolving around that.
r/gaming »
24101033 subscribers
A subreddit for (almost) anything related to games - video games, board games, card games, etc. (but not sports).
r/pcgaming »
1607973 subscribers
A subreddit for discussion of everything PC gaming related!
r/whowouldwin »
273693 subscribers
If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. You are indeed where you belong. Co...
r/ShouldIbuythisgame »
578765 subscribers
Have you ever wanted to buy a game on Steam but didn't know if it was good? Have you ever had just enough money for an indie game but didn't know whether it was worth buying? Have you ever asked yourself, "Should I buy this game?"
r/xboxone »
1634635 subscribers
Everything and anything related to the Xbox One. News, reviews, previews, rumors, screenshots, videos and more!
r/WarframeRunway »
43784 subscribers
A place to show off colour schemes and designs of your frames, weapons, sentinels, kubrows, lisets and more in Warframe.
r/pcmasterrace »
3017406 subscribers
Welcome to the official subreddit of the PC Master Race. In this subreddit, we celebrate and promote the ultimate gaming and working platform. Ascend to a level that respects your eyes, your wallet, your mind, and your heart. Ascend to... the PC Master Race.
r/NintendoSwitch »
1438590 subscribers
The central hub for news, updates, info, and discussion about the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch games!
r/memeframe »
27571 subscribers
Memes, image macros, and fluff posts for _Warframe_.
r/Games »
1994001 subscribers
The goal of /r/Games is to provide a place for informative and interesting gaming content and discussions. Submissions should be for the purpose of informing or initiating a discussion, not just with the goal of entertaining viewers. Memes, comics, funny screenshots, arts-and-crafts, etc. will be r...
r/RWBY »
108324 subscribers
RWBY: Pronounced Ruby
r/Fortuna69 »
1302 subscribers
We all lift fortuna69 together! Tenno, do not let Fortuna69 fall.
r/warframeclanrecruit »
7174 subscribers
This is a subreddit for clan leaders to post adverts for their clan, describing what they are all about, and how to get an invite. Likewise, this is also a place for people looking to join a clan to post so leaders can recruit them.
r/DestinyTheGame »
1189021 subscribers
Welcome to Destiny Reddit! This sub is for discussing Bungie's shared world, action FPS looter-shooters: Destiny 2 and its predecessor, Destiny. Please read the sidebar rules and be sure to search for your question before posting.
r/GirlGamers »
86903 subscribers
"Girl Gamer" -- One of the most controversial and polarizing terms for women who game (and, sure, maybe one of the cringiest) This is a community space for ladies to hang out, talk about gaming, and game together. We also discuss topics around women in geek culture and debrief about experiences th...
r/PS4 »
2759331 subscribers
The largest PlayStation 4 community on the internet. Your hub for everything related to PS4 including games, news, reviews, discussion, questions, videos, and screenshots.
r/destiny2 »
376921 subscribers
All about Destiny 2: The epic from Bungie.
r/wartrade »
23509 subscribers
This is the unofficial trading hub for Warframe related trading. Please read the rules for trade post format before making any posts. In addition, try to limit your trades to one post, clarifying within. Let's keep this clean and fun, guys. Warframe has a great community, let's not spoil it. He...
r/WarframeSwitch »
1005 subscribers
Discussion, links, meta and media related to the Switch port of Warframe, slated for a November 20th 2018 release date.
r/WarframeLore »
1550 subscribers
r/Warframe can get a little crowded so i made a place to discuss about the lore of Warframe specifically.
r/transgamers »
23636 subscribers
r/RedditDads »
8765 subscribers
A subreddit dedicated to providing a welcoming environment for mature gamers to gather and discuss, free from the annoyance of Squeakers, trolls and people who don't understand the responsibilities of adults and parents.
r/GamePhysics »
953642 subscribers
Gifs and videos of game physics and glitches
r/AnthemTheGame »
168605 subscribers
Our subreddit discusses BioWare's new game, Anthem: an online multiplayer action role-playing video game, in which you pilot combat suits known as Javelins in a primeval, alien world.
r/gaymers »
146322 subscribers
r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns »
129568 subscribers
Trans people making fun of themselves, others, and the situations they find themselves in with memes, gifs, and videos. For more detailed descriptions of the rules and posting guidelines, check out the wiki
r/Gamingcirclejerk »
266881 subscribers
Do you guys remember The Witcher 3?
r/GameDeals »
673626 subscribers
A community for sharing and discussing game deals. Never pay full price again.
r/gamingsuggestions »
71959 subscribers
r/dankmemes »
3020434 subscribers
THE place to post dank memes
r/FreeGameFindings »
108837 subscribers
/r/FreeGameFindings is based around finding free games all over the place! Be it Steam, Origin, Uplay, Xbox 360/One, Playstation 3/4/Vita, or Wii U/3DS, we will find every last free Game and DLC we can, and get it to you!
r/wow »
1235255 subscribers
World of Warcraft on Reddit!
r/ShitPostCrusaders »
370007 subscribers
24/7 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Shit Posts DISCORD: https://discord.gg/shitpostcrusaders
r/Cynicalbrit »
57552 subscribers
/r/CynicalBrit is an unofficial community dedicated to the discussion of TotalBiscuit's content and other things involving Totalbiscuit.
r/GamerPals »
50837 subscribers
A place for gamers looking to meet others to play games with. Whether it be for Xbox, Playstation, Switch, PC, or handheld/mobile games. (or even those dreaded social network games).
r/SteamController »
24570 subscribers
The place for all PC controller and Steam Link users. Share innovative configs and tricks, ask for tech support, and read news about everything controller and couch gaming in the Steam ecosystem.
r/PrequelMemes »
1090074 subscribers
Memes of the Star Wars Prequels
r/gamernews »
321823 subscribers
News about video games
r/softwaregore »
795766 subscribers
poke fun at nasty software
r/UnexpectedJoJo »
78217 subscribers
Any Thing Related to JoJo Where You Didn’t Expect It
r/furry »
113585 subscribers
For all stuff fluff.
r/RandomActsOfGaming »
116080 subscribers
A subreddit designed to allow gamers to spread the love of gaming.
r/JimSterling »
17225 subscribers
A subreddit dedicated to the man who was not the man who was the Batman: Jim Sterling. Everything he does. Put it in here. Then we'll put it in you. It will be like a big Jim Sterling orgy. A Jimorgy, if you will. Also Willem Dafoe is there. ------------------------------ **SHITPOSTS ARE ONLY ALLO...
r/FrameHero »
2226 subscribers
Sub for all your Mandachord and Shawzing songs ! Share the song's "sheet" or a video of it playing with your fellow tenno :D
r/linux_gaming »
115666 subscribers
A subreddit for gaming on the GNU/Linux operating system.
384121 subscribers
The developer supported, community run subreddit dedicated to Fortnite: Save the World from Epic Games. Build forts, co-op, kill monsters, save the day, bacon.
r/Animemes »
667723 subscribers
A community for posting anime memes!
r/VirtualCosplay »
21543 subscribers
Are you crazy about video game character customization? Virtual Cosplay is a place to share characters customized with in-game character creation tools and gear, using the game's official assets without the use of mods. **Submissions do not have to recreate anyone famous** but just like in real cos...
r/jojoframe »
3080 subscribers
Any kind of crossover between JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series and Warframe. Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/W8zCQKj
r/memes »
6912809 subscribers
Memes! A way of describing cultural information being shared. An element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.
r/Rainmeter »
168902 subscribers
Welcome to r/Rainmeter, the hub for the desktop customization tool! This subreddit is the best place to see nice desktops, sweet skins, and find answers to all your Rainmeter problems!
r/pathofexile »
288195 subscribers
A subreddit dedicated to Path of Exile, an ARPG made by Grinding Gear Games.
r/LivestreamFail »
656553 subscribers
Welcome to /r/LivestreamFail: the place for almost anything livestream related. We accept Streamable / Neatclips / Twitch Clips, anything from a livestream. No moderators of this subreddit work for Twitch.
r/UnexpectedTF2 »
22647 subscribers
See /r/tf2 leaking somewhere? Post it here!
r/DDLC »
131819 subscribers
Welcome! This is a subreddit for the discussion of the free visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club, created by Team Salvato.
r/nintendo »
1317620 subscribers
A subreddit for talking about Nintendo news and games. Discussion questions, news, review/previews, opinion pieces, and informative videos about games, new and old, are welcome! Our sister-subreddit, /r/casualnintendo, is for Nintendo-themed entertainment including fan work, memes, let's plays, cas...
r/GaymersGoneMild »
19817 subscribers
r/patientgamers »
305591 subscribers
The subreddit for patient gamers.
r/OutOfTheLoop »
1551650 subscribers
A subreddit to help you keep up to date with what's going on with reddit and other stuff.
r/wine_gaming »
11928 subscribers
Wine (originally an acronym for "Wine Is Not an Emulator") is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux, Mac OSX, & BSD. Instead of simulating internal Windows logic like a virtual machine or emulator, Wine translate...
r/forhonor »
258392 subscribers
The Home of For Honor on Reddit! For Honor is a Third-Person Fighting Game, developed and published by Ubisoft for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
r/furry_irl »
77423 subscribers
for the fur in u ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
r/MemeEconomy »
1152514 subscribers
/r/MemeEconomy is a place where individuals can buy, sell, share, make, and invest in memes freely. You'll also get updates on the market, and be able to collaborate with other fellow meme traders.
r/Steam »
710423 subscribers
A subreddit for members of the Steam Community.
r/teenagers »
1554697 subscribers
r/teenagers is the biggest community forum run by teenagers for teenagers. Our subreddit is primarily for discussions and memes that an average teenager would enjoy to discuss about. We do not have any age-restriction in place but do keep in mind this is targeted for users between the ages of 13 to ...
r/MLPLounge »
16253 subscribers
/r/MLPLounge, also known as "The Plounge", is an off-topic discussion-based subreddit for /r/mylittlepony and other pony-related subreddits. On the MLPLounge, fans of MLP:FIM can discuss anything SFW in a chill, community-centric environment.
r/bioniclelego »
18706 subscribers
For fans of the Bionicle series produced by Lego.
r/dauntless »
92379 subscribers
Dauntless is a free-to-play co-op action RPG developed by Phoenix Labs available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games store. Battle ferocious Behemoths, craft powerful weapons, and forge your legend in the Shattered Isles.
r/SpaceNinjasPlsIgnore »
1142 subscribers
The Subreddit for the Test Alliance Please Ignore Warframe clan.
r/Gaming4Gamers »
88636 subscribers
*Header Image by /u/clarque_ * /r/Gaming4Gamers is an attempt to create a different gaming subreddit. By creating a middle ground between the purely-for-fun subreddits and the more serious ones, we aim to build a community based on open-minded discussions, camaraderie above competition, and a share...
r/RSOC »
696 subscribers
Reddit's Gaming Community for the Xbox One
r/KotakuInAction »
116426 subscribers
KotakuInAction is the main hub for GamerGate on Reddit and welcomes discussion of community, industry and media issues in gaming and broader nerd culture including science fiction and comics.
r/xboxinsiders »
26798 subscribers
An Xbox Insider is anyone willing to lend their voice to help shape the future of Xbox. r/XboxInsiders is an Insiders-helping-Insiders discussion hub for all things Xbox including PC gaming, console, mobile, and Xbox Live.
r/FREE »
111699 subscribers
Welcome to /r/FREE, where you can give and receive free stuff!
r/evangelion »
92644 subscribers
God's in his heaven. All's right with the world.
r/LesbianGamers »
13841 subscribers
r/3Dprinting »
363399 subscribers
News, information, links and fun things related to 3D printing, 3D printers, rapid manufacturing, desktop fabrication etc.
r/SubredditDrama »
550796 subscribers
The place where people can come and talk about reddit fights and other dramatic happenings from other subreddits.
r/IndianGaming »
14953 subscribers
/r/IndianGaming — For discussions related to the Indian gaming scenario, from videogames in general, how we procure them to how we play them. Pretty much anything in and around videogames and its intersection with India or Indian-ness. Visit our [Wiki](https://www.reddit.com/r/IndianGaming/wik...
r/BokuNoHeroAcademia »
344337 subscribers
Welcome to r/BokuNoHeroAcademia, a subreddit dedicated to Kohei Horikoshi's manga and anime series "My Hero Academia".
124735 subscribers
Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is a genre of role-playing video games in which a very large number of players interact with one another within a virtual game world. We discuss them here!
r/AskScienceFiction »
168286 subscribers
It's like Ask Science, but for all universes other than our own. We use a [Watsonian point of view](http://fanlore.org/wiki/Watsonian_vs._Doylist), versus Doylist.
r/Switch »
76581 subscribers
/r/Switch : A community for the Nintendo Switch and related interests
r/GiftofGames »
81481 subscribers
Gift games to others; Receive games from others.
r/overlord »
84312 subscribers
Overlord Anime/Manga/Novel Discussion
r/Overwatch »
2597396 subscribers
Subreddit for all things Overwatch™, the team-based shooter from Blizzard Entertainment.
r/Paladins »
104575 subscribers
The subreddit of Paladins: Champions of the Realm, a free-to-play, competitive, multiplayer shooter for Windows, Mac, Playstation, X-Box, and Nintendo Switch, developed by Evil Mojo Games and published by Hi-Rez Studios.
r/Trophies »
25847 subscribers
A subreddit for those in quest of the almighty :platinum:. Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophy hunters welcome too! Covering PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 3 (PS3), and PS Vita. Note: Does not cover Xbox, Nintendo, Steam, or other non-PlayStation platform achievements.
r/gamindustri »
38359 subscribers
A place to discuss all things from Neptunia. Let's show some love for those CPUs and their Candidates.
r/Undertale »
157227 subscribers
UNDERTALE, by indie developer Toby Fox, is a video game for PC, PS4, Vita, and Switch. Undertale is about a child who falls into an underworld filled with monsters. We're an unofficial community of fans and a showcase for Undertale fanwork. Come join the fun!
r/SteamPlay »
5829 subscribers
Let's talk about Steam Play
r/lego »
503379 subscribers
Reports, news, pics, videos, discussions and documentation from a studded world. /r/lego is about all things LEGO®.
r/halo »
317216 subscribers
Reddit's home for all things Halo


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