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A subreddit for Japanese Role Playing Games from past and present.

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r/JRPG »
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A subreddit for Japanese Role Playing Games from past and present.
r/Xenoblade_Chronicles »
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This community is for fans of the Xenoblade JRPG game series (Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenoblade Chronicles X and Xenoblade Chronicles 2).
r/gamingsuggestions »
72459 subscribers
r/rpg_gamers »
63771 subscribers
RPG_Gamers is a subreddit for fans of all videogame RPGs from JRPGs (Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest), Western RPGs (Fallout, Baldur's Gate), action games with RPG elements (Diablo, League of Legends), and discussions related to them. Subreddit in general revolves around discussion of RPG videogames, r...
r/gaming »
24149186 subscribers
A subreddit for (almost) anything related to games - video games, board games, card games, etc. (but not sports).
r/vita »
82813 subscribers
All things PS Vita.
r/tipofmyjoystick »
94680 subscribers
Have a screenshot or a description of a game, but don't know the title? Post it here!
r/PS4 »
2766861 subscribers
The largest PlayStation 4 community on the internet. Your hub for everything related to PS4 including games, news, reviews, discussion, questions, videos, and screenshots.
r/Games »
1999593 subscribers
The goal of /r/Games is to provide a place for informative and interesting gaming content and discussions. Submissions should be for the purpose of informing or initiating a discussion, not just with the goal of entertaining viewers. Memes, comics, funny screenshots, arts-and-crafts, etc. will be r...
r/patientgamers »
306749 subscribers
The subreddit for patient gamers.
r/ShouldIbuythisgame »
584852 subscribers
Have you ever wanted to buy a game on Steam but didn't know if it was good? Have you ever had just enough money for an indie game but didn't know whether it was worth buying? Have you ever asked yourself, "Should I buy this game?"
r/3DS »
510303 subscribers
The place to discuss all stuff related to the Nintendo 3DS™ family!
r/NintendoSwitch »
1447688 subscribers
The central hub for news, updates, info, and discussion about the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch games!
r/Persona5 »
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Community for Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal Do not post P5R spoilers outside of the megathread Persona 5 is a role-playing game in which players live out a year in the life of a high school boy who gains the ability to summon facets of his psyche, known as Personas.
r/xboxone »
1640676 subscribers
Everything and anything related to the Xbox One. News, reviews, previews, rumors, screenshots, videos and more!
r/FinalFantasy »
169502 subscribers
Subreddit for all things Final Fantasy!
r/PS3 »
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##The PlayStation 3 Subreddit (PS3, PlayStation3, Sony PlayStation 3) **** #[The Official FAQ](http://www.reddit.com/r/ps3/faq) Your place for: * News * Reviews * Questions * Opinions * Discussion * Wallpapers * Help * And anything else *not piracy related.* From hardcore gamers to converts and...
r/gamecollecting »
117554 subscribers
This is the definitive Reddit source for video game collectors or those who would like to start collecting interactive entertainment. It's a place to share ideas, tips, tricks or secrets as well as show off collections. Most importantly it's a place for game enthusiasts and collectors to keep video ...
r/truegaming »
569900 subscribers
/r/truegaming is a subreddit dedicated to meaningful, insightful, and high-quality discussion on all topics gaming.
r/Trophies »
26058 subscribers
A subreddit for those in quest of the almighty :platinum:. Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophy hunters welcome too! Covering PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 3 (PS3), and PS Vita. Note: Does not cover Xbox, Nintendo, Steam, or other non-PlayStation platform achievements.
r/dragonquest »
41903 subscribers
A community dedicated to the Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior series by Square-Enix.
r/nintendo »
1322821 subscribers
A subreddit for talking about Nintendo news and games. Discussion questions, news, review/previews, opinion pieces, and informative videos about games, new and old, are welcome! Our sister-subreddit, /r/casualnintendo, is for Nintendo-themed entertainment including fan work, memes, let's plays, cas...
r/IndieGaming »
179735 subscribers
We love indie games, you should too!
r/AndroidGaming »
176290 subscribers
This subreddit is dedicated to everything related to gaming on Android.
r/Megaten »
40979 subscribers
This is a community for all MegaTen and subseries related news. Games from the main series Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, Devil Summoner, Devil Survivor, etc. are all discussed here. General Atlus discussion is usually allowed as well.
r/gamedev »
377165 subscribers
All things related to game development, programming, math, art, music, business, and marketing.
r/TwoBestFriendsPlay »
68715 subscribers
A place where fans of the content that Matt, Pat, and Woolie provide come to talk about their content and anything revolving around that.
r/iosgaming »
97813 subscribers
iOS Gaming News, Discussion and Recommendations.
r/tales »
28699 subscribers
A subreddit for fans of the "Tales of" series published by Namco Bandai!
r/linux_gaming »
116200 subscribers
A subreddit for gaming on the GNU/Linux operating system.
r/pcgaming »
1612691 subscribers
A subreddit for discussion of everything PC gaming related!
r/retrogaming »
121315 subscribers
For those of us who still love vintage gaming. Atari, Intellivision, ColecoVision, Vectrex, Sega, Nintendo, DOS, and more. It's all good here as long as it's gaming from the 70s, 80s, or 90s.
r/AskGames »
17617 subscribers
AskGames is the place to get answers to your burning gaming questions: * When does Game X come out? * Does console X have this feature? * How do I get the "Kill everything" achievement? * How can I back-up my saves? * Why does my game crash on load?
r/octopathtraveler »
39866 subscribers
For all discussion regarding SquareEnix's IP, Octopath Traveler! Both discussion of the primary game and upcoming Mobile prequel are permitted here! Come and discuss your travels through Orsterra.
r/tipofmytongue »
938906 subscribers
Can't remember the name of that movie you saw when you were a kid? Or the name of that video game you had for Game Gear? This is the place to get help. Read the rules and suggestions of this subreddit for tips on how to get the most out of TOMT. (Located right side on desktop, varies on mobile.)
r/gamedesign »
87295 subscribers
For topics related to the design of games for interactive entertainment systems - video games, board games, tabletop RPGs, or any other type. /r/GameDesign is not a subreddit about general game development, nor is it a programming subreddit. This is a place to talk about Game Design and what it ent...
r/RPGMaker »
16391 subscribers
This is a subreddit focused on discussing RPG Maker. This includes any version from 95 to MV to any of the console titles.
r/PSP »
24213 subscribers
The gaming subreddit which fits in your pocket!
r/PixelArt »
257122 subscribers
Welcome to /r/PixelArt, where you can browse, post, ask questions, get feedback and learn about our favorite restrictive digital art form, Pixel Art!
r/gaymers »
147076 subscribers
r/wiiu »
617909 subscribers
Reddit's source for news, pictures, reviews, videos, community insight, & anything related to Nintendo's 8th-generation console, the Wii U.
r/Unity3D »
155199 subscribers
News, Help, Resources, and Conversation. A User Showcase of the Unity Game Engine.
r/gameswap »
41818 subscribers
We are a tight-knit community created to allow members to swap their new and used console video games with fellow redditors.
r/GirlGamers »
87188 subscribers
"Girl Gamer" -- One of the most controversial and polarizing terms for women who game (and, sure, maybe one of the cringiest) This is a community space for ladies to hang out, talk about gaming, and game together. We also discuss topics around women in geek culture and debrief about experiences th...
r/LearnJapanese »
199942 subscribers
Welcome to r/LearnJapanese, *the* hub on Reddit for learners of the Japanese Language.
r/snes »
73534 subscribers
The largest active Super Nintendo community on the internet! The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is Nintendo's second home console, following the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The console introduced advanced graphics and sound capabilities compared with other consoles at the time. Addit...
r/gamemusic »
80297 subscribers
The subreddit for video game music, new and old. Submit or listen to your favorite song, songs, or a playlist. If you get nostalgic over old retro videogame music, check us out!
r/Gaming4Gamers »
88946 subscribers
*Header Image by /u/clarque_ * /r/Gaming4Gamers is an attempt to create a different gaming subreddit. By creating a middle ground between the purely-for-fun subreddits and the more serious ones, we aim to build a community based on open-minded discussions, camaraderie above competition, and a share...
r/bravelydefault »
8949 subscribers
Bravely Default, known as Bravely Default: Flying Fairy (ブレイブリーデフォルト フライングフェアリー Bureiburī Deforuto: Furaingu Fearī?) in Japan, is a role-playing video game by Square Enix for the Nintendo 3DS, a spiritual successor to the 2010 video game Final Fantasy: The...
r/Gamingcirclejerk »
268740 subscribers
Do you guys remember The Witcher 3?
r/GameSale »
53496 subscribers
This subreddit is a marketplace for buying and selling video games.
r/gameDevClassifieds »
46841 subscribers
GameDevClassifieds is a place where game development studios, indies, and hobbyists can find talent in the game industry. Whether it's programming, art, design, audio, music, writing, voice, business, or legal, use this subreddit to post ads that help connect you with those who have the talent you ...
r/fireemblem »
197263 subscribers
A subreddit to discuss the Fire Emblem series of games, and associated media. Fire Emblem is a fantasy tactical role-playing video game franchise developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. The Fire Emblem series is well known for its innovation and for being one of the first Easter...
r/rpg »
755636 subscribers
/r/rpg is for meaningful discussions, questions, and help for tabletop/pen & paper RPGs and LARPing.
r/synthesizers »
122102 subscribers
Obsessed with synthesizers: hardware & software
r/Animemes »
672324 subscribers
A community for posting anime memes!
r/Falcom »
9965 subscribers
For discussion of all Falcom developed games!
r/pcmasterrace »
3028560 subscribers
Welcome to the official subreddit of the PC Master Race. In this subreddit, we celebrate and promote the ultimate gaming and working platform. Ascend to a level that respects your eyes, your wallet, your mind, and your heart. Ascend to... the PC Master Race.
r/Switch »
77285 subscribers
/r/Switch : A community for the Nintendo Switch and related interests
r/Ni_no_Kuni »
8469 subscribers
An unofficial community for discussion, news, and anything else related to the video game Ni no Kuni and its sequel.
r/RPGdesign »
16056 subscribers
A gathering place for anyone, either casually or professionally, designing, hacking, or otherwise working with the mechanics of pen-and-paper tabletop RPGs.
r/pokemon »
1948357 subscribers
r/pokemon is an unofficial Pokémon fan community. This is the place for most things Pokémon on Reddit—TV shows, video games, toys, trading cards, you name it!
r/GameDeals »
674784 subscribers
A community for sharing and discussing game deals. Never pay full price again.
r/roguelikes »
44101 subscribers
A subreddit for games descended from Rogue - a sub-genre of RPG games involving things like permadeath and randomized levels. This community is mostly centered around traditional roguelike games which are turn-based, grid-based and single character focused, but discussion of "roguelike-like" games i...
r/psx »
18381 subscribers
It's nostalgia overload as we discuss the most influential gaming system ever released! The original PlayStation, later called PSOne, brought a new attitude toward gaming. PSX is arguably the most influential gaming system ever. It changed the face of console gaming and we're here to discuss it.
r/speedrun »
140983 subscribers
r/SRSGaming »
6594 subscribers
r/Kappa »
89237 subscribers
/r/Kappa **"eSports is not a part of the FGC"**
r/RWBY »
109090 subscribers
RWBY: Pronounced Ruby
r/AskReddit »
25236702 subscribers
r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions.
r/anime »
1253614 subscribers
Reddit's premier anime community.
r/playstation »
208129 subscribers
/r/PlayStation is a catch-all for all your PlayStation needs. It is far less strict than other PlayStation subreddits and allows just about any non-offensive type of post from pictures of purchases to trophy bragging to tech help requests.
r/indiegames »
44928 subscribers
Reddit for everything related to Indie Games
r/letsplay »
61016 subscribers
A subreddit dedicated to creating Let's Plays, either liked by redditors or made by redditors! Let's Play: One or more people that record themselves playing video games through screenshots or captured video (Mostly the latter). If you go into this just to fit yourself in with a certain demographic...
r/ps2 »
30053 subscribers
**This subreddit is dedicated to the best selling video game console in history, Sony's Playstation 2** We are all about the games, discussions, news, questions or suggestions related to the PS2. Tell us what you love(d) about it, what game you hated, when you first got your system, or if you're c...
r/unity_tutorials »
18095 subscribers
r/gameideas »
20585 subscribers
r/earthbound »
39570 subscribers
/r/EarthBound is a subreddit dedicated to Shigesato Itoi's cult classic JRPG series, EarthBound / MOTHER!
r/whowouldwin »
274263 subscribers
If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. You are indeed where you belong. Co...
r/SubredditDrama »
551779 subscribers
The place where people can come and talk about reddit fights and other dramatic happenings from other subreddits.
r/nier »
67868 subscribers
A community for fans of the Square Enix series which includes; Nier/Nier: Automata and Drakengard Trilogy. Discussions on the games, art books, drama CDs, musical scores, live concerts, the talent behind the games, and future of the series.
r/Undertale »
158238 subscribers
UNDERTALE, by indie developer Toby Fox, is a video game for PC, PS4, Vita, and Switch. Undertale is about a child who falls into an underworld filled with monsters. We're an unofficial community of fans and a showcase for Undertale fanwork. Come join the fun!
r/yakuzagames »
31211 subscribers
This is the unofficial subreddit for Sega's long-running game series, Yakuza, known in Japan as Ryū ga Gotoku.
r/videos »
21565651 subscribers
The best place for video content of all kinds. Please read the sidebar below for our rules.
r/Fantasy »
699268 subscribers
/r/Fantasy is the internet’s largest discussion forum for the greater Speculative Fiction genre. We welcome respectful dialogue related to speculative fiction in literature, games, film, and the wider world.
r/chiptunes »
28000 subscribers
A community dedicated to new music that gets the most out of the least. New music in the style of old games, eg, C64, Atari, NES, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, Adlib, OPM, MOD, etc.
r/Suikoden »
3771 subscribers
Subreddit for all things Suikoden. If you don't already know about the franchise, we'll help you fix that problem. If you do already know about the franchise and feel the pains of separation from its absence, go check out: * Suikoden Revival Movement https://www.facebook.com/SuikodenRevival) * S...
44066 subscribers
This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter. A community for the game series Persona. Persona is a spinoff series from the Megami Tensei series published by Atlus. Discussions related to the main series and its spin offs can be found here.
r/WritingPrompts »
14048982 subscribers
Writing Prompts. You're a writer and you just want to flex those muscles? You've come to the right place! If you see a prompt you like, simply write a short story based on it. Get comments from others, and leave commentary for other people's works. Let's help each other.
r/GoldenSun »
7355 subscribers
A subreddit for fans of the Golden Sun series
r/gamernews »
324112 subscribers
News about video games
r/SquareEnix »
12263 subscribers
This is a sub-reddit dedicated to all things Square Enix and companies now owned by SE including Eidos Interactive and Taito Corp. Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, iOS, Android.
r/Vaporwave »
157972 subscribers
Global capitalism is nearly there. At the end of the world there will only be liquid advertisement and gaseous desire. Sublimated from our bodies, our untethered senses will endlessly ride escalators through pristine artificial environments, more and less than human, drugged-up and drugged down, cat...
r/godot »
28474 subscribers
A community for discussion and support in development with the Godot game engine.
r/neogaming »
5418 subscribers
This is a place for news and discussions for gamers from gamers.
r/XenobladeChronicles2 »
6587 subscribers
r/Drawfee »
3936 subscribers
Welcome to r/Drawfee! Where we take dumb Youtube channels, and make even dumber subreddits!
125166 subscribers
Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is a genre of role-playing video games in which a very large number of players interact with one another within a virtual game world. We discuss them here!
r/todayilearned »
21766284 subscribers
You learn something new every day; what did you learn today? Submit interesting and specific facts about something that you just found out here.


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