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Qisan Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard Black Switch Backlight Keyboard 68-Keys Mini Design (60%) Black Magicforce

  • The 68 keys Kailh Black Switch Mechanical keyboard is here. It is equipped with four directional keys and four navigation keys, not to mention function keys integrated into the number row. but with page up and down keys.It also comes with three DIP switches that allow you to disable the Windows key, swap Capslock with left Ctrl, or swap Windows key with the Functions.
  • The keyboard features a floating-key design in profile. Fitted with clear legends, the ABS keycaps allow the backlighting to truly shine, while the reflective brushed metal plate adds to the effect. To ensure stability, the plastic base of the keyboard is fitted with four rubber pads as well as two foldable feet.
  • Mini and portable design,unique 68 keys layout and mechanical switches,all keys roll-over anti-ghosting
  • Ergonomic step wise key cap, linear action, no frame design
  • Powerful Multimedia controls,detachable USB cable

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