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Life Bottle! Time-Marked Water Bottle-1 Gallon Water Bottle with Time Marker-Extra Large Water Bottle/Water Jug Helps You Drink More Water! BPA Free Water Bottle with Flip Top

  • MADE FOR REAL LIFE! When it comes to motivational water bottles there are three things everyone agrees on… 1) It needs to be large enough to fit a whole day’s hydration, 2) The time measurement needs to be encouraging and 3) It needs to be practical. So, we designed the Life Bottle do all ALL of that. It’s not just any water bottle, this gallon bottle is for REAL life!
  • THE RIGHT TIME MARKINGS: Do you like getting up in the early hours to go bathroom? Then forget water tracker bottles that end at 9pm! Instead, Life Bottle takes care of you from 7am to 7pm so your body gets EVERYTHING it needs – full hydration AND a full nights’ rest! So, try our gallon container now, and feel what it’s like to wake up feeling and looking younger!
  • A FULL DAY’S HYDRATION: Life Bottle is bigger than a one gallon waterbottle, (it’s 132oz / 1.03 Gallons / 4 Liters). And of course, more useful than a 32 oz bottle for those of us to forget to refill! This leak proof water bottle has a screw top, double cap. The flip top is perfect for drinking from, and the wide mouth lets you add ice or fruit and use as a 1 gallon water jug.
  • BPA FREE AND A FREE BRUSH! This giant water reminder bottle is DEHP/BPA Free, PET-G Plastic. It has a higher thermo range from 3.2°F to 132°F, greater shock resistance and more comfortable grip than other plastics. And here’s what else you’ll love… we added a handle, and metal ring for easy carrying and pouring, PLUS a bendy water bottle brush for easy cleaning!
  • LIFE BOTTLE, FOR LIFE! "Thicker" than other gallon water bottles, and less likely to crumple – Life Bottle really is designed for life… and the classy packaging is designed for gifting! So, it also makes sense to give you a Lifetime Guarantee! Love the feeling of hitting your hydration goals on the hour, and every day, or we’ll refund every cent. Life Bottle – Time Marked Motivation!

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