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Ameriglo Tall Suppress 3Dot Tritium For Glock

  • Rear tritium color: Green with white outline
  • Front tritium: Green with white outline. 140 inch wide front, 150 inch notch

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Are you going to put an RMR or Holosun on it? If yes then you need suppressor sights. If you plan to only do red dot then blacked out sights would be the most budget route. Ameriglo blacked out suppressor sights

I picked up some of these Ameriglo suppressor sights with Orange front dot but realized even tho I like the orange front sight I’m not a fan of the blackout rear sights. So next time around will go for these Ameriglo 3 dot suppressor sights

If you aren’t going red dot and are just happy to have that option, I recently bought these Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights for my Glock 19 and they’re only $47 on Amazon. I also picked up these TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Sights but I’m not really a fan of Fiber optics and I gave them to my friend for his Polymer80 build.

Not sure about comps. I can’t have them in CA, but I’ve bookmarked a few for when I move out of state. Legion Precision, Killer Innovations, Archon Manufacturing, Tyrant Designs T-Comp, Agency Arms (Brownells 11% coupon code “HAA”), or Arc Division Arc Sparc.

If you want to do without the threaded barrel, Dark Hour Defense makes a rail mounted comp.


I’ve picked up a few suppressor sights for use with my Holosuns. On my MOS slide I went with a slightly taller sight. I prefer night sights so I went with the TruGlo Pro sights. For my fancy aftermarket slides I went with the AmeriGlo sights as I wanted an orange front dot. I’m not sure if I like the blacked out back sight since I normally just shoot iron sights but an alternate would be AmeriGlo 3dot sights. Either way I’m an advocate of tritium sights over fiber optic. There’s just a reassurance that in low light situations you’ll have some semblance of sights to use for defense.


What Ronin said...

These are pretty great for the price: Ameriglo Tall Suppress 3Dot Tritium For Glock

These are also a good deal: TRUGLO Tritium Pro Glow-in-The-Dark Handgun Night Sights for Glock Pistols


Both will work with your g19 slide, and are solid choices, even more so for their price point ($70). Free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.


They used to have them, I saw them last time Trijicon sights were on sale and got me some night sights... but here you go!

ameriglo suppressor night sights