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Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First

  • One of the best performing mic preamps the Scarlett range has ever seen, now with switchable air Mode to give your recordings a brighter and more open sound. One high-headroom instrument input to plug in your guitar or bass. Two hum-free balanced outputs provide clean audio playback.
  • High-performance converters enable you to record and mix at up to 24-bit/ 192kHz.
  • Quick start tool to get up and running easier than ever.
  • Includes Pro Tools | First Focusrite Creative Pack, Ableton Live Lite, Softube Time and Tone Bundle, Focusrite’s Red Plug-in Suite, 3-month Splice subscription, and your choice of one free XLN Addictive Keys virtual instrument, all available via download upon purchase and registration
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER: FREE Nugen Audio Monofileter Elements plug-in upon registration and download. Focusrite now offers a 3-Year Warranty on this and all other Focusrite products.

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It’s for my shure mic, this mic is amazing (it’s what shroud and a lot of other streamers use) but it is a bit of a pain to setup for streaming if you’re brand new. Overall to make the mic work it costs about 1k due to cords, mic, mic stand, etc. Was it worth it? If you have the money yes. Overall for my setup which isn’t even very good it’s about 6k ish


You don't need an XLR connection.

A new 3rd Gen Scarlett Solo costs only about $10 more than the interface you have. It has balanced TRS outputs, and those will connect to your HS5 monitors through TRS 1/4-inch cables.


Honestly, as far as sound quality goes, most modern interfaces (excluding the REALLY cheap ones) will have more than adequate preamps in them. Here is a good article that may help you choose the interface that's best for you.

Personally, I really like Focusrite's Scarlett series, so the Scarlett Solo may be a good choice for you if you don't plan on using more than one microphone at a time. It's small, and entirely powered by USB, so it's easily portable. However, I'm probably biased towards gear I already own, so I would encourage you to do your own research as well.